Topical and Transdermal

Transdermal application products come in solutions, suspensions, cream, lotion, ointments, lacquers, foams, patches etc. that allow delivery of the medicine you need to the body without causing any unwanted damage to the liver due to oral delivery. Our extensive research, development and IP experience will help your product succeed.


Product Development and Manufacturing

Pharma Consulting Associates provides contract topical-transdermal pharmaceutical product development specializing in formulation research, testing and development.

We can develop multiple formulations in small size batches and screen rapidly to determine best performing ones. Thereafter we can scale-up them.

Batch to batch consistency can be insured using release testing.


In vitro Analysis and Testing

We offer skin permeation, delivery and retention measurements using various diffusion cells. We have capability to utilize a variety of membranes, including human cadaver skin, cadaver nail, animal skins and synthetic membranes.

Preliminary Chemical-Physical stability assessment of the prepared formulations can be performed under normal and accelerated conditions.

The testing methods include HPLC, GC, Photostability, Chromametry, SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and viscosity determinations.