Pharma Consulting Associates can rapidly identify lead formulations that would otherwise be costly and time consuming to identify by traditional methods. We offer high-quality science and industrial, solution-oriented research contract research services. Clients can leverage the expertise of our PhD scientists to solve pharmaceutical and nutraceutical problems.

We always perform the majority of laboratory and research related work within our organization. Only a limited part of the work, generally less than 20%, is performed by outside subcontractors. This allows us to maintain very strong confidentiality of the work performed ensuring that all generated data specifically belongs to the sponsor and is protected to the fullest extent. This is a unique advantage compared to other pharmaceutical CRO’s, which subcontract the majority of the work to other providers.

Our contract research process consists of In-Depth Analysis of Problem, Proposal Preparation, followed by Research and Development Services, Report Preparation, and finally Technology and Intellectual Property Transfer.