What We’re About

Pharma Consulting Associates is an international pharmaceutical contract research and development company. Our mission is to provide high quality research-based product life-cycle management and intellectual property services under complete confidentiality. Pharma Consulting Associates creates and developes IP able solutions to pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and nutraceutical companies to enhance their market position, to protect from competitors, and to generate solid revenue. Pharma Consulting Associates is a full service product life-cycle management product and patent development company. We offer a range of product and related intellectual property development services for pharmaceutical and related industries. We specialize in product and patent development; know how, scientific support services, with the participation of world-renowned pharmaceutical experts with extensive pharmaceutical product and related patent experience.

We have extensive experience in drug delivery with special emphasis in transdermal patch and solid dosage forms. Since 2011 as Pharma Consulting Associates, we have provided consulting, development and manufacturing services. Contact us at (844) 711-7427 today for more information about our available services and products.