Capabilities and Services

  • Product Life Cycle Management Services: We can improve your product quality performance by reformulating, developing new advanced dosage forms such as controlled release, delayed release, sustained release preparations. We can even develop and transform your current product into different dosage forms: spray from cream, suspension from tablet, patch from tablet, etc.
  • Intellectual Property Development Including Research, Laboratory, Scientific Work: We offer extensive IP research services for your company’s exclusive project. We can develop a patentable procedure which will be fully and exclusively licensed to your company. This includes all chemical, pharmaceutical, and proof of concept studies. In addition to our resources we have exclusive contracts with documentation companies ensuring proper review and examination of all papers, patents, presentations, and documentation to support your data and know how.
  • Feasibility Testing of IP Work: Depending on the discretion of the sponsor, generated research work and data by Pharma Consulting Associates can be fully tested by an independent outside contractor to ensure the feasibility of the developed project.
  • Patent Due Diligence Services: It is common in today’s pharmaceutical industry for companies to license or purchase the rights to a patented technology or know-how developed by either another company or a university. We can offer our expertise to help assist the management in deciding whether or not to initiate or to continue development of a patented technology that is already owned or planned to be purchased by the company.
  • Consulting: Upon completion of our development or patent due diligence studies we will present detailed, fully patentable data to be submitted to your organization. If desired, we can convey the generated data to government agencies. All these can be performed separately or in a package to save the costs.
  • Development Services: Pharma Consulting Associates initiates, develops, and validates extensive analytical studies including stability under ICH guidelines to support the regulatory documentation as needed. Pharma Consulting Associates also conducts formulation development, proof of concept studies, clinical batch manufacturing, and process validation as separate studies or as a package.